Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

The website of KOSHIN Ltd. (Hereinafter, the Website) is operated by KOSHIN Ltd.
Please read the below Terms of Use before using the Website. By using the Website, you are deemed to have read and consented to the content of the Terms of Use. If you do not consent to the Terms of Use, you may not use the Website. The content, structure, etc., of the Website is subject to change or cancellation without notice.

1. Copyright
KOSHIN Ltd. owns the copyright and related rights to all text, photography, videos or other copyrighted works on the Website.
The Copyright Act prohibits any duplication, transmission to the public, modification or reproduction on a customer website without prior written consent by KOSHIN Ltd., unless the user is printing or saving the content for private use.
Please make sure to acquire consent in advance.
2. Links
Third-party websites that link to or from the Website (linked websites) are managed by the respective third party and not by KOSHIN Ltd.
Please use the linked websites according to the Terms of Use of the respective websites.
3. Privacy Policy

- Acquisition of personal information

When KOSHIN Ltd. collects personal information, KOSHIN Ltd. will clarify the purpose of collection and collect it using proper means.
KOSHIN Ltd. will only collect the minimum personal information necessary using appropriate and legal methods.

- Use of personal information

KOSHIN Ltd. will only use customers' personal information for the purposes stated at the time of collection.
Below are the purposes of personal information collection by KOSHIN Ltd.

1) To provide products and services required by customers, for example to sell products, repair or inspect products, conduct after-sales services or send catalogues.
2) To use as reference for products and services of KOSHIN Ltd. and its affiliates.
3) To introduce new products and campaigns of KOSHIN Ltd.
4) To send email newsletters, direct mail and facsimiles introducing new products and services that KOSHIN Ltd. believes will be useful for its customers.

- Providing personal information

KOSHIN Ltd. will not give a customer's personal information to a third party without the customer's consent.

- Management of personal information

KOSHIN Ltd. will put in place appropriate security measures to prevent leakage, loss or other damages to the personal information collected.
KOSHIN Ltd. will provide the necessary education regarding appropriate handling of personal information to its executives, employees and stakeholders.

4. Prohibited actions

The following actions are prohibited when using the Website.

- Actions that violate or may violate laws, acts or ordinances.
- Criminal acts or actions that lead or may lead to criminal acts.
- Actions that cause or may cause loss or damage to a third party or KOSHIN Ltd.
- Actions that violate the property or privacy of a third party or KOSHIN Ltd., or that damage or may damage the reputation or credit of a third party or KOSHIN Ltd.
- Actions that go against or may go against public order and morale.
- Use of, or provision of harmful programs or data, including computer viruses, or actions that may lead to such use or provision.
- Reporting or disclosing another person's email address or a fake email address.
- Other actions deemed inappropriate by KOSHIN Ltd.

Social Media Policy

This policy sets forth the approach and actions to be followed by KOSHIN Ltd. regarding the use of social media and peripheral services (hereinafter, Services) via official social media accounts.
Please read the policy before using the Services.

1. Scope of application
This policy applies to all customers utilizing the official social media accounts and Services of KOSHIN Ltd. (hereinafter, Users).
2. Definition of social media
KOSHIN Ltd. defines social media as "media platforms that enable communication through sending and receiving information directly by the user of the service" and that operates on the Internet.
3. Purpose of use
KOSHIN Ltd. will use social media as part of its means of communication with Users regarding products, brands, services and other activities.
4. Responsibilities of KOSHIN Ltd.

KOSHIN Ltd. social media staff will send information with a sense of responsibility and the awareness of representing KOSHIN Ltd.
They will be aware that information made public on the Internet cannot be deleted, due to the characteristics of the Internet, and that it is viewable to a large number of unspecified people.
They will post information in a way that complies with laws and ordinances, and manage the accounts in an appropriate way.

Because of the characteristics of social media, the information posted on social media may not be checked in its entirety before posting. Please note the information may be corrected at a later date.
To obtain official information from KOSHIN Ltd., please visit the KOSHIN Ltd. website.

KOSHIN Ltd. will establish in-house regulations and manuals and make efforts to ensure appropriate use of social media.

5. Social media staff

As users of social media, KOSHIN Ltd. social media staff will pay attention to feedback from Users.
They will use utmost caution to avoid violating the rights of others, including copyrights.
They will make an effort to act in a humane way.

6. To Users

KOSHIN Ltd. does not guarantee the truthfulness of information available through its Services or information provided by Users or others.
KOSHIN Ltd. will not be held responsible if the User or a third party comes into contact with unpleasant, harmful or inappropriate information, or for any subsequent damages incurred by said User or third party through the use of its Services.

Personal information will be managed in compliance with the company's Privacy Policy.
KOSHIN Ltd. will make an effort to read and respond to all comments, but does not guarantee that every comment will be responded to.
KOSHIN Ltd. may use comments as analysis data for future activities, marketing or other purposes.

The person who posts on social media owns the copyright and related rights of the content posted. However, by posting the content, the person is deemed to have given KOSHIN Ltd. permission to use all or part of the content non-exclusively (reproduction, processing, translation, quoting, disclosure, etc.), internationally, without the person's consent and without payment to the person, and is deemed to have agreed not to exercise his or her copyright and related rights against KOSHIN Ltd.

The company's rules for answering inquiries that come through social media can be found in the basic information on each social media account.

7. List of official accounts of KOSHIN Ltd.

Below are the official social media accounts of KOSHIN Ltd.

[Facebook] Koshin Pump
[YouTube] KOSHIN Kyoto