Marine & Fishery Marine Battery Winch RES/REL Series (500W Type)

Marine Battery Winch RES/REL Series (500W Type) REL-5524LB REL-5524LB

Effective Electromagnetic Brake Model


• Motor case is made of corrosion resistance aluminum alloy to withstand seawater.

• Possible to stop instantly.

• Winding anchor for boats

• Drawing fishing net

• Towing line

• Winding up basket

Model REL-5524LB
Voltage DC 24 V
Rated Current 31 A
Motor Output 550 W
Rating 1 h / 31 A
Roller Revolution 35 rpm (Low), 70 rpm (High)
Max. 1000 kg (Low), 500 kg (High)
Rating 280 kg (Low), 140 kg (High)
Winch Speed
(With 100 kg Load)
13 m/min (42 ft/min) (Low)
23 m/min (75 ft/min) (High)
Static Friction Torque 4 N·m (0.4 kgf·m)
Rated Voltage DC 24 V
Rated Capacity 15 W
Standard Accessories 1 Waterproofing Plate,1 Vertical Type Main Body Packing,5 Machine Screws M5×20
Net Weight 20.8 kg (45.8 lbs)
Gross Weight 22.4 kg (49.3 lbs)
Dimensions L×W×H (mm) 540 × 248 × 278
Packing Unit 1

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