Marine & Fishery Marine Battery Winch RES/REL Series (750W Type)

Marine Battery Winch RES/REL Series (750W Type) RENS-7524 RENS-7524

High Speed & High Load Rolling Up Max. Winch Up Power 900 kg


• Use magnet motor. Simple wiring and easy to switch direction between clockwise to counterclockwise.

• Approx. 25 % more power from usual 400 W type by high speed and high load rolling up.

• 2 stage switchable winch capacity (REL, RES).

 Switch to 900 kg / 50 rpm and 450 kg / 100 rpm by gearshift.

• Motor case, Roller, etc are made of aluminum alloy.

 Light, compact, sea water proof and no rust damage to FRP boat.

• Polyurethane coat protects corrosion perfectly.

Model RENS-7524
Voltage DC 24 V
Rated Current 43 A
Motor Output 750 W
Rating 1 h / 43 A
Roller Revolution 100 rpm
Max. 450 kg (150 A)
Rating 110 kg (43 A)
Winch Speed 33 m/min (108 ft/min)
Standard Accessories
(RES, REN Type Only)
1 Cable Gland For Ship, 1 Waterproofing Plate, 1 Vertical Type Main Body Packing, 2 Crimping Terminals
Net Weight 30.5 kg (67 lbs)
Gross Weight 35 kg (77 lbs)
Dimensions L×W×H (mm) 575 × 305 × 315
Packing Unit 1

Performance curve and outline drawing
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