Marine & Fishery Marine Bilge Pump BK/BK-S Series

Marine Bilge Pump BK/BK-S Series BK-24 BK-24

"NEW BILGE KING" Necessities for Boat


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• Auto-stop feature prevents dry running, increases pump performance and life.

• Easy to use starter switch. Integrated fuse and switch assembly for ease of maintenance.

Separate switch can be attached anywhere you want.

• Strainer and switch are specially made for sea water and oil resistible resin for long durability.

• Two stage system of axial flow vane and spiral vane

• Easy to clean strainer.


• Draining of water and oil/water mix from bilge

Model BK-24
Suction / Delivery Dia 15 mm (½")
Max. Delivery Volume 20 L/min (5 USG/min)
Voltage DC 24 V
Rated Current 5 A
Suction Lift 1 m (3 ft)
Suction Time 2 - 5 sec (20 °C)
Rating 90 W
Standard Accessories
(*Type S : Not Included)
1 Code with Starting Switch, 1 Strainer, 1 Delivery Nozzle, 1 Delivery Nozzle Nat, 1 Hose (3 m),4 Tapping Screws (5×10), 4 Tapping Screws (4×20), 4 Tapping Screws (4×10),4 Tapping Screws (4×16), 1 Water Proofing Connector (Only S T ype)
1 Fuse (8 A)
Net Weight 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs)(1 unit)
Gross Weight 18.5 kg (41 lbs) (4 units)
Dimensions L×W×H (mm) 485 × 323 × 346
Packing Unit 4
*BK-12S, BK-24S is pump for replacement.

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