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Engine Pump Trash Pump KOSHIN KTZ Series KTZ-80S KTZ-80S

New Design with Easy Maintenance


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Koshin Trash Pumps

Reasonable price

About 30% less price compared to same quality trash pumps. The most affordable price ever.

•Excellent Quality

Provides powerful performance and long durability with New KOSHIN engine and enhanced pump.

•Easy maintenance

Thoughtful flame for easy replacement of carburetor.
You can clear inside of pump by simply removing pump casing with only one tool.

New Design with Easy Maintenance

Powered by KOSHIN K300 & K420

• The cleanout cover can be removed easily without removing hoses

• Handles on the cleanout cover can be installed in vertical or horizontal position

• Easy removal of knobs

• New Impeller design with hexagon boss for easy installation and removal

Model KTZ-80S
Connection Dia 80 mm(3")
Connection Thread
Outer Pipe Thread BSP or NPT
Total Head 22 m (72 ft)
Delivery Volume 1420 L/min (375 USG/min)
Max. Suction Lift 8m (26 ft)
Material for Mechanical Seal Sic (Silicon Carbide) × Sic
Material for Impeller Hi-Chrome
Material for Volute FCD450
Type Forced Air-Cooled 4-stroke Gasoline Engine
Model Koshin K300
Rated Output 5.0 kW (6.8 PS) / 3600 rpm
Max. Output 6.0 kW (8.2 PS) / 3600 rpm
Fuel Automotive Unleaded Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.9L (1.5 USG)
Continuous Operating Time Approx. 2 hrs
Starting Method Recoil Starter
Standard Accessories 1 Strainer, 3 Hose Bands, 1 Engine Tool Set, 1 Multi Tool wrench (BSP Type: 2 Hose Couplings)
Net Weight 65.3 kg (144.0 lbs)
Gross Weight 72.6 kg (160.1 lbs)
Dimensions L×W×H (mm) 729 × 589 × 602
Packing Unit 1

Performance curve and outline drawing
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FAQ about KOSHIN KTZ Series

FAQ aboutTrash Pump

FAQ about Engine Pump

Pump does not work.

1. Engine start failure.Refer to instruction of engine

2. Blocked impeller.Disassemble & clean