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Dewatering Pumps PXJ-400 PXJ-400

Dewatering Pumps


●Stainless body and resistant to rust

●Easy to place in narrow space such as sumps or wells with slim body

Model PXJ-400
PUMP Connection dia mm 50
inch 2
Total head m 10.5
ft 34.0
Discharge volume L/min 195
GPH 3090
MOTOR Voltage V 220
Frequency Hz 50
Rated current A 2.8
Output W 400
Consumption W 600
Applicable liquids Consistency Sandy and muddy watar (suspended solids) *2
Suspended solid percentage 10% *3
Max. solids size mm 6
inch 0.2
Net weight (without cable) kg 12.0
lbs 26.4
Standard accessories *4 Hose coupling
*2 Sandy and muddy water (suspended solids) are defined as debris "floating" within the water.
*3 If the suspended solid percentage is higher, premature wear and failure will occur. To properly pump water with any debris, any solids must be in a suspension.
*4 Accessories may differ depending on model.

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