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Clear Water Pumps


Model SEV-100X
Category Self-priming, Centrifugal pump
Pump Connection Dia Suction 100 mm (4")
Discharge 100 mm (4")
Connection thread Outer pipe thread BSP
Total Head 28 m (91ft)
Delivery Volume 1500 L/min (396 USG/min)
Max. suction head 8 m (26 ft)
Engine Type Forced air-cooled 4-stroke gasoline engine
Model KOSHIN K300
Displacement 301 cm3
Rated Output 5.0 kW(6.8 PS) / 3600 rpm
Max. Output 6.0 kW(8.2 PS) / 3600 rpm
Fuel Automotive unleaded gasoline
Fuel tank capacity Tank size: 6.5 L (1.71 USG), Usage level: 5.9 L (1.55 USG)
Engine oil 4-stoke engine oil:API grade SE or above, SAE 15W-40
Engine oil capacity 1.1 L (0.29 USG)
Continuous operating time Approx. 1.8 hrs
Starting method Recoil starter
Consistency Clear water
Suspended solid percentage -
Max. solids size -
Temperature 5-45 °C (41-113 °F)
Standard accessories 1 Strainer, 2 Coupling sets, 3 Hose bands, 1 Engine tool
Net Weight 54.9 kg (121.0 lbs)
Gross Weight 64.3 kg (141.8 lbs)
Product dimensions L x W x H (mm) 683 × 495 × 645
Packing dimensions L x W x H (mm) 718 × 525 × 675

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FAQ about Engine Pump

Pump does not work.

1. Engine start failure.Refer to instruction of engine

2. Blocked impeller.Disassemble & clean